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 Tile and Stone Care Pros

W. Williams Management Co is knows tile, marble, granite and many other types of stone.  We clean and protect it to ensure that it lasts.

So many people purchase tile, marble or granite for their homes but don't realize you must maintain it.  Consequently the tile or other stone material begins to lose its original look leaving the home or business owner disappointed.  STOP.  We can help.  We can clean and often restore the tile or stone and then maintain it for you.

Just give us a call at 1-877-880-0307.

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Angie's List Super Service Award

For the second year running, W. Williams Co. has been judged by its customers to provide service with excellence time and time again. From the smallest job to the day long ventures, our customers have said that W. Williams Co. gives superior service across the board. When you hire W. Williams Co. you know what you are getting from the first moment you contact us.

W. Williams Co. has received the 2007 Super Service Award given by Angie’s List.


Are You Damaging Your Marble or Granite Tile or Countertops?

If you aren't using Stone Tech products to clean your natural stone
countertops and floors, you could be damaging those surfaces. Most household cleaners contain ammonia. Common dish cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage the surface and polish of your stone. Over time, these substances will damage the stone and make it look dingy, drab and lifeless. 

Stone Tech products are specifically formulated to help you maintain your natural stone surfaces for years to come.

Dos & Don'ts of Stone Care

Do only use the proper stone care products.

Don't use vinegar, soft scrub, windex, or your common household cleaners, especially in showers.

Do keep floors swept or vacuumed regularly.

Don't use a vacuum that can cause scratching.

Do use a coaster or gliders under chairs and other furniture.

Don't drag heavy objects across stone floors.

Do take care and pride of your stone and it will give you many years of performance.

Do consult a stone restoration contractor prior to installation. These are the professionals who will suggest the proper materials and methods of installation.

Don't hire an inexperienced contractor


Dos & Don'ts for Countertops

Do …
keep granite and stone clean and dry around cook tops and sinks.

make sure caulking, epoxy and grout joints are intact. Water can seep into the joints and cause staining of the granite or cause the wood under-layment to swell and raise the granite, especially near sinks and dishwashers.

clean and maintain your granite and stone with specially formulated Stone Tech stone care products.

handle stains as they occur using the Granite Gold® Stone Poultice and Stain Remover.

have your granite and stone professionally treated.

Don't …
use those cleaning products that are under your sink right now such as Windex , 409 and SoftScrub as the chemicals in these products can etch your stone surfaces and dull the beautiful finish you love so much.

use Plumber's Putty for fixture installation as this will cause discoloration under the stone.

allow water to stand around sinks as this will cause deterioration of the caulking, resin fixture and the stone over time.

don't assume your fabricator or installer sealed the stone thoroughly or used the proper product.

cut directly on the granite or stone. Use a cutting board or have your fabricator or supplier custom-make one to match your stone.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to clean and maintain their natural stone countertops and floors. Below, we have put together the most frequently asked questions to help you maintain and preserve your natural stone investment.

Q: How do I care for and maintain my natural stone?
A: For newly installed stone, hire a reputable stone care and restoration company to initially treat your stone surfaces. Make sure to choose a company that is licensed, insured and can provide references. A good stone care service will thoroughly clean or hone and seal the stone until it is tapped (the point of rejection of sealer.) To maintain the highest quality of newly installed or existing stone surfaces use the guidelines of the Stone Tech Stone Care Systems to protect your investment. Using the right products will help to ensure the longevity of your stone.

Q: How do I clean up spills on my stone?
A: Gently dab the spill with a soft cloth, do not wipe the spill because it can cause it to spread. Clean the soiled stone with neutral Stone Tech product as directed. If the spill has caused staining or etching, contact your stone care professional.

Q: Why should I have my stone sealed?
A: Often there is a misconception that stone is an indestructible material because it has been used for centuries throughout the world. However, for example, when a newly installed granite countertop or Travertine floor is not sealed, because of the porosity, it will be subseptible to staining from common food, water and oil products. All stone should be sealed with an impregnating sealer. Some natural stones are extremely porous and can easily be stained or etched by spills. Applying an impregnating sealer can help stop oil, dirt and water from penetrating the stone and harming its beauty. Never assume that the installer or fabricator has sealed your stone correctly.

Q: How often should my stone be sealed?
A: The porosity of each type of stone varies: Generally, medium colored stones to lighter colored stones are more porous while medium colors to darker colors are generally denser. Using Stone Tech products and proper maintenance, your interior stone surfaces should  be sealed every 3-5 years and your exterior stone surfaces once a year. An easy test to determine if your sealer is still performing is pour a small amount of water on the stone surface and allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes. If it appears to darken the stone, that is an indication that the stone needs re-sealing.


Q: Is there routine maintenance for floors and countertops?
Yes! It is important to maintain your stone's cleanliness by damp mopping or vacuuming your floor and wiping your counters with using the Stone Tech Neutral cleaning products.

Q: What are typical problems for stone surfaces?
Stains are usually caused by drinks, food, oils or other types of spills. Scratches usually caused by shoes, dirt, furniture or abrasive/ sharp objects. Acids such as juices, sodas, vinegar and some household cleaning supplies. Alkalis usually in the form of household cleaning supplies such as Windex, Tilex, Limeaway and Soft Scrub Potted plants without pans or with support trays that leak and Pet water dishes.

Q: How can I ensure the typical problems won't ruin the beauty of my stone?
A: Follow the instructions of your stone care professional and use Stone Tech Stone Care Products to maintain your stone's shine, cleanliness, sealant and beauty!

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